Peace through Knowledge

Peace through Knowledge


What is really going on in the Middle East?

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: What are the causes, solutions?

The three Abrahamic religions: What are the differences, similarities


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From Students

  • "As a student of General Studies at Mark Rutherford Upper School I am used to talks on a variety of issues. Prior to the presentation by Middle East Education my knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict was sketchy and in parts, contradictory. This was due to previous visits by other organisations, one from an Israeli group, and another telling from a Palestinian standpoint.
    Although both said they would try and remain unbiased it was clear that they were trying to put forth the view of their people as correct and, maybe unsurprisingly, my knowledge from the media was not much different.
    Thankfully, Middle East Education were different. I had my doubts when it was stated that all facts would be presented, but as the presentation continued I realised that this really was the case.
    It was informative, well constructed and unusually, we as students were not patronised. We were left to construct our own views, which I appreciated. Thoughtful and fact based answers were given to the closing questions. Overall, an excellent presentation given by knowledgeable speakers, which I hope many more students will be able to see" Mark Rutherford School
  • "You came to our school to give us a PowerPoint presentation on the Middle East conflict. I firstly believe that you were not biased towards any side in this topic, secondly teachers and students bombarded with you with a lot of tough questions and I thought you handled them with such composure and showed you were no pushovers and have heavily researched and read about this certain topic. It was a great sideshow and a debate which you could go on and discuss for hours and even days." Isleworth Syon School
  • "I got both sides of the topic. They had first-hand experience. Really enjoyed the talk"
  • "I personally found it very beneficial"
  • "I found the talk very interesting and learnt a lot"
  • "The geographical representations helped me to put it in perspective" Students from Sutton Valance School
  • "It was a delight to see an example of co-operation and respect in the presentation of what is a complex and difficult issue" The Christian School Takeley
  • "Balanced. Lots of facts but also insights" Bristol Grammar School
  • "This is valuable work that you are doing, educating people and trying to be fair"
  • "I think it was presented really well"
  • "The fact that they were on opposing sides but didn't share their own personal opinions in opposing ways showed great trust and value"
  • "I think that what they are doing is really helping their people as they are 'spreading peace' among young people" Wellington College, Crowthorne, Year 9 students


From Teachers

  • "We were delighted with the day, the staff are still talking about some of the issues raised. I do hope Sami and Jonny will come back and spend a day with us next year" St John's College
  • "It was a clear presentation of the fundamental points of the Arab-Israeli conflict" Sachs Morasha JPS
  • "The students thought it useful to have a liberal Arab viewpoint. Worth it alone to recognize the diversity within the Muslim world, and interplay of geopolitics and religion" Reed's
  • "The students all said they really enjoyed the talk and learnt a lot about Islamic beliefs and teachings and now appreciate the differences more clearly. They felt both speakers were very passionate and enthusiastic about the subject and very knowledgeable" Highclare
  • Your presentation was extremely interesting – you managed to compress a huge amount of material into less than an hour without sacrificing its intelligibility, and our pupils were clearly engaged by what you had to say.
    There was much in your address which we shall be following-up in Sixth Form seminar groups next week, and I know that the perspectives which you brought to bear on the issue will inform our discussions. I hope very much that you will be able to come back into School at some point in the future" Ibstock Place School
  • "Many many thanks for the presentation that took place today. It was really engaging and interesting and the students were very happy with the event as it made them think more deeply about this fascinating area" St Dunstan's College
  • "Students have said that it was very educational and they enjoyed it – thank you" Leventhorpe School
  • "It was a delight to see an example of co-operation and respect in the presentation of what is a complex and difficult issue" The Christian School Takeley
  • "Balanced. Lots of facts but also insights" Bristol Grammar
  • "The history behind the current events was most useful. A very informative talk" Sutton Grammar
  • "The students said that they were really pleased that Sami and Ruth actually answered their questions directly" St Helens and St Katherine
  • "The speakers were very good. Our Head and a visiting Head from China was very complimentary" Billericay School
  • "The students enjoyed the talk, and benefited from it largely just because of the evident co-operation and desire for peace from a Muslim and a Jew
    Their talk was thought-provoking and challenging. It will generate lots of discussion and that will be very valuable indeed in forthcoming lessons" David
  • "Thank-you so much for a most coruscating talk on Middle East affairs! It is a large, complex and sensitive issue and you thoroughly engaged the boys with your balanced approach and delivery" Gromyko
  • "Fantastic talk. The students are buzzing about the assembly and are asking loads of questions" em> Dawn
  • "Please convey my thanks and the thanks of the girls to Ruth and Sami for their talk last week. The feedback I received was very positive.
    They said that they were really pleased that Sami and Ruth actually answered their questions directly. Certainly provoked a lot of discussion" St Helens and St Katherine, Abingdon
  • "Just had a lovely comment from a year 13 history student who was at your talk yesterday. He thought it was really good and apparently they don't study anything about the Middle East in A level history. Quite spontaneous, I didn't ask him! That's excellent" Sir Roger Manwood School, Sandwich
  • "The students really enjoyed this morning and found it really interesting. I have no doubt we will invite you back in the next school year. Many thanks" Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
  • "I would just like to thank you and the speakers for the talk given yesterday. The boys really enjoyed the presentation, and had so many more questions that we could have gone on for longer"
  • "The boys were obviously very interested in Sami's brief career as a freedom fighter, and if Sami were to speak at another all boys school, he might want to spend more time on that topic?"
  • "The boys really value personal experiences and I am sure that both Ruth and Sami have much of these. I thank you all for such an enjoyable talk" St James Senior Boys' School, Ashford, Kent
  • "Many many thanks for the presentation that took place today - it was really engaging and interesting and the students were very happy with the event as it made them think more deeply about this fascinating area. Please pass on my best wishes to the 2 speakers" St Dunstan's College, Stanstead
  • "What a pleasure it was to welcome Sami and Jonathan to Sutton Grammar last Thursday - their talk was very well received by the assembled contingent and it was a really worthwhile, educational session, so thank you to them and to you for organising matters in this regard.
    I hope we may be able to welcome Sami and Jonathan again next year, and I shall certainly be in touch over the summer to see if Middle East Education would be willing to make a return visit to the school. All the best Chris" Sutton Grammar
  • "Our students found the talks beneficial, we wanted to cover the overview period with an emphasis on the present day and this was achieved. Having the aid of the ppt and Sami's examples, gave our students further sources that they could use in their controlled assessment.
    We will be looking to have a talk next year subject to any review of our curriculum. Many thanks" Upton High
  • "We very much valued your presentation. The subject matter was covered in a very clear fashion. It provoked discussion, which was the intention of the lecture.
    It was great to have this subject matter communicated to them in a way that opened their eyes to the relevance to their lives" St Clement Danes School
  • "THANK YOU! Most definitely a fantastic worthwhile topic that 16-18 year olds need to know about" Blessed George Napier Catholic School, Banbury
  • "I enjoyed your presentation very much and found the facts illuminating. I think the pictures and the maps helped to explain the situation and gave the audience an idea about the real people involved in the situation, beyond the headlines" St Bernard's Catholic School
  • "The content was relevant to the current conflict and has subsequently engaged the students in an important topic.
    Ms C. put forward an unbiased point of view, which prompted questions from the audience. She touched on many theological and ethical issues" Knights Templar School




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