Both Sides of the Story

What is really going on in the Middle East?

The Arab-Israeli Conflict. What are the causes, solutions?

The three Abrahamic religions: differences, similarities


We now offer three additional spheres of interest.

  1. Conflicts in the Middle East.
    Sami Hussein has vast knowledge of current events in the Middle East, and his determination to constantly learn and share the truth, ensures that his talks on 'What is going on in the Middle East' are up-to-date and offer surprising insights.
  2. R.E
    In view of the fact that R.E is now an exam subject for GCSE, we now give a number of talks on the three Abrahamic religions, their beliefs, similarities, differences, cultures, and how these can affect political decisions and actions.
  3. See our new page: Latest News. It is updated regularly, and Sami Hussein will be happy to come to your school to explain in more detail what is going on.

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